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I seriously doubt I will ever finish this, but what the heck.

Title: A Hundred Years (I've Loved You)
Fandom: Sanctuary
Drabble Count: 0/100
Characters: Nikola Tesla, Helen Magnus (Nikola/Helen), appearances by various other Sanctuary team members and historical figures
Rating: -
Prompts: Courtesy of drabbles100
Disclaimer: If I owned Sanctuary, you really think Tesla would be only a guest star?
Author's Notes: I am neither an expert on 'abnormals' or history, so mistakes are likely forecast for the following tales.

Sanctuary DrabblesCollapse )

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13 January 2009 @ 11:12


Contains icons of all Titans, plus Hermes and creatures, and some Jay/Theresa.

Class Of The Titans Icons: 40Collapse )

Oh and two colour-banners I threw together. (Well one colour-banner and one normal banner.)

Class Of The Titans Banners: 2Collapse )

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Title: It's My Life
Class of the Titans
All The Titans
'It's My Life' by Bon Jovi
Author's Notes:
My second CotT music vid. Enjoy!

VideoCollapse )

I'm Still Here
Fandom: Class of the Titans
All The Titans
Soundtrack: 'I'm Still Here' by Johnny Rzeznik
Creator(s): catte_noir 
Author's Notes:
The teenage heroes try to come to terms with themselves, each other, and a tricky little thing called destiny. Its not easy.

My first video, so criticism is appreciated!

Video - I'm Still HereCollapse )
17 November 2008 @ 17:11
Title: Never Had A Friend Like Me
Class of the Titans
'Never Had A Friend Like Me' from Aladdin
Creator(s): icarus_iso
Author's Notes: The song just screamed Hermes, well to me at least, so I just had to make it, so please, sit back and enjoy.

Video - Never Had A Friend Like MeCollapse )
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Title: Close To You
Fandom: Class of the Titans
Character(s): Jay/Odie
Soundtrack: Far Away by Nickelback
Creator(s): icarus_iso with a heck of a lot of input from catte_noir
Author's Notes: First vid ever so just letting everyone know. Don't like slash? Well see it as a brotherly bond instead ;)

Video - Close To YouCollapse )
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